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Guest Spots on Podcasts & Blogs

I've had the opportunity to chat with some of my favorite podcasters. I've also enjoyed writing as a guest blogger on other public health professionals' pages.


Curious about my choice to pursue public health? Wondering how I made it happen? Check out my guest spots on blogs and podcasts!

Shelby L. Graves, MPH, CHES

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Public Health Career

Stories Podcast

I sat down to chat with Omari (The Public Health Millennial) about my academic and professional career in public health, as well as my advice to current students. You can listen to our chat here.

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Public Health Epidemiology Careers Podcast

I discussed my public health career and freelancing business with Dr. CH Huntley on her podcast. Check out the podcast episode here.

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Harford County

Living Podcast

My previous team and I provided an introduction to National Public Health Week and what it's like to work in a local health department. Click here to listen to our introduction with Rich from Harford County Living.

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Roman Public Health Consulting - Guest Blog

Curious about how I manage both full-time public health and part-time freelance work? Check out my guest blog post on Leah Roman's blog.

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